Suite, Queen Mary 2

Suite Bedroom, Queen Mary 2

To continue with our exploration of the various kinds of cabins available on most cruise lines, in this post, I’ll be addressing Suites and Mini-Suites. Also see Cabins.


A mini-suite is more similar to a balcony cabin than it is to a full suite, but it is the least expensive ‘suite’ category. It has more square footage than a balcony and will also have better placement on the ship. Mini-suites and their amenities vary between cruise lines.

Penthouses, Junior Suites and Suites

Concierge LoungeThe Penthouse/Junior Suite level (or above) cabins entitle you to additional amenities, such as butler service, priority boarding and disembarkation, upgraded bathroom products and linens, as well as concierge assistance (there could be others). This level of cabin usually also entitles you access to a private concierge area, which usually features a happy hour and canapes before dinner or other similar amenity. Again, what’s actually included will vary from cruise line to cruise line.

It could be argued that since you don’t spend a whole lot of time in your cabin that spending more money on your cabin is a waste of money. However, I remember a┬ácomment from a regular suite passenger that said: “If you HAD a decent sized cabin, you WOULD spend more time in your cabin.” (Personally, since I enjoy my cruise by being out and about interacting with people, that school of thought does not work for me, however it might work for you.)

Oddly enough, it’s the suites and inside cabins that usually book up first (especially on special event cruises)!

Suite Living Room, Queen Mary 2

Suite Living Room, Queen Mary 2