Cruises are my passion – that is what I love, what I constantly stay up to date on. And that is how I can help you! 

About me, Smitty!

In today’s fast-paced world, some people think Travel Agents (now called Travel Advisors) no longer exist or are unnecessary – but we do exist and are more necessary than ever!

Cruises are my passion – that is what I love, what I stay up on, and how I can help you! And of course, I can also handle the rest of the arrangements to get you there.

My first cruise was in 1991. Since then I have logged in over 52 cruises, spent over 415 days at sea, and experienced the food and service of 15 different cruise lines. Some were ocean cruises and some were river cruises, some were short and some were long.  This experience is what will help you make more intelligent choices when you go to book YOUR cruise.

I have gone through training and am an Accredited Cruise Counsellor with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association). I’m continually training with individual cruise lines to keep up with the many things that go on in this ever-changing industry.

My clients are a combination of repeat cruisers, first-time cruisers, groups celebrating milestones, family reunions, bachelorette parties … and everything in between.

For me to truly help you with your specific cruise questions, please take just a few minutes and fill out the short questionnaire found on my Contact page – there you will find a handful of questions that will help me learn how YOU like to travel. This is how I’ll be able to recommend trips I honestly think are appropriate for YOU – NOT what is necessarily on sale that week…

I hope you enjoy my website and learn a lot about cruising from my Travel Cruising Tips section. Learn about what to pack and not to pack, what to expect, things to watch out for and other invaluable tips and advice.

When you’re ready for that cruise, give me a chance to earn your business through my Contact page. You’ve got NOTHING to lose and only priceless memories to gain!


I must compliment the cruise lines – On disembarkation day, they disembark anywhere from 600 to 5000 guests (usually by 9:30 a.m no less!), take on food and supplies for the next cruise, board another group of passengers with the same number of guests and are ready to...

Northern Lights from our cruise!

First of all, I wanted to say how wonderful Smitty is, both as a person as well as a travel agent. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. We cannot thank her enough for all the time she took to answer all of our questions before we left for our first Alaska cruise on...

Don’t Throw Away Your Boarding Pass

This article was originally posted on - it was important, so I wanted to share it with you! When we travel by air, we hold onto our printed boarding passes like our lives depend on it (although today, many are using their phones for their...

My WOW is back

My reflections of our cruise "From Boreno to Bali" – All I can say is WOW. Linblad and National Geographic brought the WOW back into vacationing. I quickly realized I came unprepared for the Orion experience. I thought it was going to be more ‘expeditionlike,’ so, I...

Historic Sitka

In Sitka, we were tendered in rather than being docked (NOTE: since the original post, they have since built a cruise dock in Sitka). Personally, I love being tendered in (as you can get some GREAT shots of the ship if you get a window seat), but it is also more...

Welcome to Astoria!

After breakfast, we set off to see the town of Astoria, where we saw one of the locals drive by in what appeared to be a 1932 Ford Sedan. We saw him numerous times throughout the day, apparently taxiing folks to and from the ship. We continued on and saw this cute...

NOLA to Memphis on the American Queen

Hi Smitty, It (the American Queen Steamboat) was a wonderful experience! We loved the cruise itself, the area, life on the boat (especially the coffee) and the small towns on the way to Memphis. We also enjoyed visiting the engine room, the caliope, biking on the...

Oceania Regatta Review

This review was submitted by my brother, Jerry Smith (with a few editor's notes for clarification) Overall:  This cruise was, for me, both impressive and surprising. It exceeded my expectations in many areas, especially the food. It was hard to find something to...

Rhine River Cruise, from a Man’s Point of View

Overall:  The cruise was very enjoyable and exceeded my expectations in many areas (mostly the history associated with the quaint German cities we visited, especially Nuremberg). The boat was nice, the wi-fi worked well and the walking tours were quite good;...

Pride of America Review

In 2014, we returned to the Pride of America (POA) for another spin around the islands. We had sailed on her in 2007, about the same time of year, so the weather conditions were similar. In the boarding area, we were once again greeted with an orchid flower lei for me...

What ever you are looking for, I will help you find it.


If you are a photographer and want to experience wildlife to take pictures of, I can point you literally in the right direction.

Top Notch Food & Service

One of the joys of vacation is dining. Let me know what you prefer to eat and how it is served and I will play food match maker to delight your palate.  

Epic journeys

Travel can be rich with wonder and delight. I know how and where to find the right cruise to enrich your journey and give you an experience of a lifetime.