Mt. McKinley

We were told that only 2 out of 10 visitors get to see Mt McKinley clearly. It’s usually at least partially covered by clouds.

I thought I would be able to post more from my phone, but we didn’t get service much of the time. I did get to send my kids a text saying “I’m standing on my balcony in my pajamas watching the whales go by! Don’t know if I’ll ever get to say that again!”  

Olsons-TotemThis was the Lighthouse, Eagles, and Totem pole excursion. Behind us, the totem pole park.

Olsons-whaleHere we are on our rainforest/whale watching excursion. My camera decided to act up for the whale watching part. Didn’t get good pictures but got to see Humpback whales bubble net feeding!!!. For me it was the most exciting part of our trip!!! Well, that and Glacier Bay. Hearing the booming of the ice cracking and seeing it calve, and hearing whales trumpeting!!! This was definitely a once in a lifetime trip!!!

Olsons-glacierThis is us standing on a glacier! We decided to go for the helicopter ride to the glacier! It was Awesome!!! We even drank glacier water!

Smitty, thank you for all your help!

Susan & Ollie Olson


Denali Park, Alaska