Packing Strategies

It is quite common to over-pack for your cruise, as you will most probably not wear everything you bring. You may also want to pick up a souvenir tee-shirt or other garment from some of the ports-of-call. (By the way, those garments (not necessarily a tee-shirt) make GREAT souvenirs – when you wear them back […]

Embarkation Process

When you first arrive at the pier to board and you see how HUGE the ship is, you will REALLY get excited! As you near the actual terminal, there will usually be a drop off point for your main luggage. If you CAN, drop your luggage off FIRST, even before you park – that way […]
Credit Cards

Credit Cards While Abroad

One of the best ways to insure your trip is to pay for it by using a credit card. It will help you keep track of your expenses as you plan your trip,  and then while ON your trip, credit cards are the suggested form of payment for any purchases you make at any of the […]
Rest Area

You DO need a Vacation!

According to a survey sponsored by the Hudson Employment Firm, more than one-third of American workers fail to max out their annual vacation days before the end of the year. “When people don’t take time off from their work, they are overtaxed in terms of functioning,” explains Baltimore psychoanalyst Dr. Marilyn Martin. “You get to […]
Not everyone enjoys dressing up for Formal Night

The Formal Night Dilemma

On most every cruise line, you can wear pretty much anything you want during the day, except that you can not wear beachwear into the main dining room at lunch. For the evenings, however, every cruise line has slightly different ‘suggested’ dress for the evening, which can change daily. If there is something special you […]
Suite, Queen Mary 2


To continue with our exploration of the various kinds of cabins available on most cruise lines, in this post, I’ll be addressing Suites and Mini-Suites. Also see Cabins. Mini-Suite A mini-suite is more similar to a balcony cabin than it is to a full suite, but it is the least expensive ‘suite’ category. It has […]