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I must compliment the cruise lines – On disembarkation day, they disembark anywhere from 600 to 5000 guests (usually by 9:30 a.m no less!), take on food and supplies for the next cruise, board another group of passengers and are ready to sail by 4 p.m.! WOW! Talk about organization! About halfway through your cruise, the cruise line […]
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Don’t Throw Away Your Boarding Pass

This article was originally posted on – it was important, so I wanted to share it with you! When we travel by air, we hold onto our boarding passes like our lives depend on it, before boarding. We know that without it we are not getting on that plane. Once we have boarded, many […]
Historic Sitka

Historic Sitka

In Sitka, we were tendered in rather than being docked. Personally, I love being tendered in (as you can get some GREAT shots of the ship if you get a window seat), but it is also more limiting. It’s just not as easy to pop on and off the ship as you can when the it is docked […]
Astoria Bridge

Welcome to Astoria!

After breakfast, we set off to see the town of Astoria, where we saw one of the locals drive by in what appeared to be a 1932 Ford Sedan. We saw him numerous times throughout the day, apparently taxiing folks to and from the ship. We continued on and saw this cute 1912 trolley, also known as “Old […]
Checklist for Travellers

Carry On Items

As you near your departure for your cruise, you’ll need to pack for your trip. These are the suggested items to have in your carry-on luggage (NOT to pack into your checked luggage). I’ve included items for both arriving the same day you board as well as if you will be arriving a day early. […]

American Queen Steamboat Review

We recently returned from a 9-day cruise on the American Queen Steamboat, round trip from New Orleans from Feb. 22nd to March 1, 2014. The weather in some of the ports was rather ‘brisk,’ but the cruise itself was WONDERFUL, with stops in St. Francisville, Nachez, Vicksburg and Plantation Row. There are a number of […]
Arctic Chapel - Tromso

Cruising with Hurtigruten

When you say the word “cruise,” one typically thinks of a BIG cruise ship that holds anywhere from 2000 to 6000 guests and features Broadway style entertainment and lavish midnight buffets. However, there are a number of cruise lines that walk away from this kind of mainstream cruising concept and provide a different kind of […]
Norwegian Pearl Haven Courtyard

Norwegian Pearl Ship Inspection

As travel agents, we are often invited onboard a ship for a ‘ship inspection.’ This consists of a tour of the ship, which includes seeing the suites and prime cabins as well as regular cabins. We also get to see the public spaces and have lunch onboard. The hopes are that we will be impressed […]

Alaska Cruises

One of the most popular destinations I book for my clients is Alaska. If you have not yet done an Alaskan cruise yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do it !!! Alaska cruises usually call on at least two or three of the following cities: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway or Sitka; as well as cruising by at […]

Packing Strategies

It is quite common to over-pack for your cruise, as you will most probably not wear everything you bring. You may also want to pick up a souvenir tee-shirt or other garment from some of the ports-of-call. (By the way, those garments (not necessarily a tee-shirt) make GREAT souvenirs – when you wear them back […]
Credit Cards

Credit Cards While Abroad

One of the best ways to insure your trip is to pay for it by using a credit card. It will help you keep track of your expenses as you plan your trip,  and then while ON your trip, credit cards are the suggested form of payment for any purchases you make at any of the […]
Rest Area

You DO need a Vacation!

According to a survey sponsored by the Hudson Employment Firm, more than one-third of American workers fail to max out their annual vacation days before the end of the year. “When people don’t take time off from their work, they are overtaxed in terms of functioning,” explains Baltimore psychoanalyst Dr. Marilyn Martin. “You get to […]
Comfy Travel Clothes

Comfy Travel Clothes

Before you actually board your cruise ship, you first have to get there, and in some cases this involves an airplane. If you have the luxury of being close enough to drive to the cruise terminal, you can not only save the expense, but you don’t have to deal with airports! For me, being comfortable on an […]
Travel Locations Part 1

Location, Location, Location Part 1

 In real estate, they say it’s all about location, location, location. The same is true on a cruise ship. WHERE your cabin is on the ship is what determines the price you will pay for your cruise, even though you probably won’t spend much time there. When you are comparing the pricing for a cruise there […]