Accredited Cruise Counsellor with CLIA

I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t just ‘hang up my shingle’ and start booking travel! You should know that I have  successfully completed the Accredited Cruise Counsellor level with Cruise Lines International besides having been on over 30 cruises with 12 different cruise lines. I also continue to train with individual cruise lines in order to serve you in the best way I possibly can.

Here is what is required in order to become certified with CLIA;

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

ACC Requirements (100 Credits Total)



• Must be a CLIA Affiliated Agent

Mandatory Training (30 Credits)

• Successful completion of 2 CLIA classroom or online courses & exams (15 credits each) -OR-
• Successful completion of The CLIA Guide to the Cruise Industry textbook and exam (30 credits)

Elective Training (50 Credits)
• Successful completion of other CLIA training seminars and exams (10 or 15 credits each)
• Successful completion of CLIA video/DVD training and exams (10 credits each)
• Attendance at CLIA co-sponsored/endorsed cruise conferences (10 credits per event)
• Completion of CLIA Institute Track at cruise3sixty (50 credits) or Trainingfest Fast-Track
• Successful completion of The CLIA Guide to the Cruise Industry textbook & exam (30 credits)
• Attendance at member line product seminars (2 credits each, maximum 10 credits)
• Successful completion of member line approved online seminars (5 credits each, maximum 15 credits)
• Achievement of the Travel Institute’s CTC or CTA designation (10 credits)
• Achievement of CITC’s CTC or CTM designation (10 credits)

Product Knowledge (20 Credits)

Personal cruise experience:

  • one cruise of 2-6 days and
  • one cruise of 7+ days, on different CLIA member cruise lines

Five shipboard inspections (may be same Member line but must be on different ships)

25 staterooms booked/deposited through a currently affiliated Travel Agency within your two-year enrollment period