The Difference Between Visas and Passports

Due to a recent experience with some clients and their challenge to get into a country that required a visa, I thought I would take this time to explain the difference between a visa and a passport. I have a feeling they thought that their passport was the visa – it is not. “Generally speaking,” […]

Alaska like Seasoned Cruisers

Susan,Our cruise to Alaska was the trip of a lifetime! I wanted to thank you for all your help getting us ready for our first cruise. Your tips made all the difference in the world and I think I followed everyone of them. It made us feel like seasoned cruisers! I never would have known what […]
Checklist for Travellers

Carry On Items

As you near your departure for your cruise, you’ll need to pack for your trip. These are the suggested items to have in your carry-on luggage (NOT to pack into your checked luggage). I’ve included items for both arriving the same day you board as well as if you will be arriving a day early. […]